June 2nd, 2005


Until Further Notice

Until the situation with ezboard has been sorted out, we (Sunny and I) thought that it might be safer to move our active discussions to the Manor's LJ community. We will start to post the information we don't want lost to the board (ie, the names list, the birthday list, lister surveys, clone surveys, and the like) and save them as memories.

Keep checking back here for more threads to reply to. Hopefully the crisis with EZB will be solved soon and we can return to the board

~ Lexi

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REPOST: Lister Surveys

Include your avatar pics, if you have them still. If not, I have the pics saved on my comp :)


1) Full Name:

2) Nickname(s):

3) Parents' Names:

4) Significant Other:

5) Best Bud(s):

6) Number of Candles on Your Next Cake:

7) Date You Blow them Out:

8) Originally From:

9) Hair Color:
Eye Color:

10) Pets:

11) Piercings:

12) Favorites: (try to limit yourself to three answers per category)


Music Genre:

TV Show:



13) What is your dream profession?

14) Name the last movie you saw in the theaters:

15) Describe yourself in one word:


Post away :)
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