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02 March 2004 @ 05:53 pm
Let's liven this place up a bit, shall we?  
So, since everyone on the list so far is at LEAST a marginal LOTR fan, what did y'all think of the Oscars?

Faramir: We couldn't keep her from leaping up and down everytime an award was won

BTW, since i didn't see him sitting with the rest of the cast, but heard he was at the afterparty, where the hell was John Rhys-Davies?

Oh, and i know i told some of y'all (see what i mean, Jean, about using that word ;)) about this, but Peter Jackson, in his interview after winning the Director's Guild Award, said that ROTK: EE was clocked in at 4 hours and 10 minutes... Don't know if that includes credits or not... Let's hope it doesn't

*cheers* Go Houses of Healing scenes hehe
Jean's Clonesguest_house on March 10th, 2004 04:58 am (UTC)
Imp: We thought the Oscars were great!

Jean: Yeah. Every time LOTR won something, he and Rascal kept yelling "SCORE!" *gives Moe a Look*

Moe: *innocent smile*

Rascal: Well, it's about time we won something. All that hard work overlooked...

Jean: I think what all this means is we enjoyed the Oscars, Lex. Heh.